Living in the Future: An Eco Village

These people have come together to stand for a different way. A mode that others would consider out of date, expired and wholly primitive. These others point to this new era as the era that has released man from his mundane toil. Man is modern, he no longer is that brutish beast, that savage that lives from the land. For today there is the land and there is Man and they only meet on weekends or vacations. …and yet not even then. For truth be told our land is dead we can not meet what we have erased! Yet, even so the pretense continues; in our quite desperation we seek the land through our screens, a sun set as our desktop background or some silly nature show. We might put a plant here and there in our dwellings, but how often is it plastic? Oh, how sad we are compared to what we could still be. One might have, as I do, an inclination to damn those who came before, yet such hindsight and dejectedness will trigger no about face. We will wallow and our already hopeless cause will be marched over, as it has already been. The true answer, or the only answer I see, as I hesitate to claim truth, is what these men and women are doing. They say to themselves: “We have this other way and we intend to live it.” Their rebellion, is their life and I see no way more honest.

To them I salute. Slowly, day by day I move closer. Patience.