Debt: A Way of Life

We are a people obsessed with the now. We walk staring at our feet too lazy or too ignorance to look around. We laugh at and curse our leaders, they are the objects of our scorn, but this is nothing more than cheap deflection. A facade we use to clothe our naked guilt. We are the cause of our problems, you and I, our own personal denial is the bedrock for our collective failure. We are a nation, a people, that does not properly recognize the origin of our wealth and splendor. As such we are rife with its abuse and squander. Were we to take the time to meditate on our historical exploits, our current doings or even future well being; we just might have hope of redemption, but for such a feat I hold no breath. It pains me to live in a country with such potential. It pains me because I want to love it, yet it curses much of what I have come to care for.

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